Sunday, August 5, 2012

Major Nerves

Our first official day to the new school year begins in about 12 hours. I am a huge ball of nerves. Not completely sure why. I only have 2 children to teach! My own children at that. I believe I'm nervous because we have a completely new curriculum this year. One I've heard nothing but good things about. Why am I so nervous then? I'm guessing it is because I do not want to fail my children in any way, shape or form.

Jelly Belly has been through a lot of therapy since I last updated. We FINALLY have a diagnosis for him. He has ODD and ADHD with learning disabilities as well. Bless his heart. He is smart as any child should be his age with the exception of his alphabet. He had so much trouble trying to grasp his letters. So much we stopped for awhile because of the advice from his psychologist. Yes, we stopped school. We typically school year round, but we stopped. We didn't finish our last school year, nor are we going to. Why???? Well glad you asked?!?!

You see, Jelly Belly has Occupational Therapy (OT) 1 time a week. He adores his therapist and to be quite honest, so do I. She has made some VERY impressive headway with Jelly Belly. In just about 10 sessions, she has been able to teach him almost his complete alphabet, upper case. Best part for myself, she has helped me with some ideas to continue teaching the alphabet to Jelly Belly at home. I'm so beyond thrilled with the work those two are accomplishing. There is a lot more which does happen in OT, but for now, this is the most important :)

Jelly Belly also has speech and language therapy once a week as well. He has only been to 3 sessions so far. The waiting list was incredible. We both liked his therapist, but she was only filling in for a gal who is on maternity leave. Unfortunately, she has already gone back into her real job which is with the public school systems. Jelly Belly will have yet another temporary therapist until his permanent one is back from maternity leave. I almost wish they would have waited until she was back to even start, but at least Jelly Belly is starting to make progress in this area as well.

I chose our curriculum this year based on the facts of how both Jelly Belly and Life Saver LOVE workbooks. I mean, LOVE them. Not just a little love either. I'm talking about completely overjoyed with workbooks type of love!! I chose to use Christian Light Education this year. We will study Learning to Read and Math with CLE. I chose Apologia for our Science and we are going to study the entire year on the same subject... ocean life. The kids are both so excited. They love anything to deal with the ocean :) It is a perfect fit for us this year since we are going on vacation two times in the next 6 months to... the ocean!!

Since Jelly Belly is going to have his First Communion this year, I have chosen to use the Bible curriculum a sweet lady who works at our church advised me about. I am so excited to use it. It looks like so much fun and I know for a fact I will be learning so much right along with my children. Because Jelly Belly does not attend a Catholic school, he will also need to have some classes at our church as well. Both children will be enrolled in Sunday Morning Religious Education (SMRE) classes as well. They are sooo thrilled because our VBS was cancelled this year.

Jelly Belly will be officially doing 1st grade school work, but he technically should be in 2nd grade. After speaking with this therapist, she has no doubt he will be caught up in no time. I am so thankful she was home schooled as well and she understands how kids who are homeschooled really don't have official grade levels!!!

Life Saver will be doing the 1st grade work right along with us. She is technically in Kindergarten this year. My husband and I decided to not have her move along into 1st grade quiet yet. While she is super smart and can keep up with the work without any issues at all, we believe maturity wise, she isn't quite there yet. I know with time, this will change as well. I have no doubts about it!

I feel more prepared for tomorrow morning just typing all of this out! I am truly looking forward to our best school year ever. Both kids are excited and to be honest, so am I. I thank God daily for blessing me with being able to educate  my children.

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  1. Good luck with your first day! I give you so much credit for homeschooling! I couldn't do it :) Hugs to the little ones!