Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crazy weather

One day we are enjoying nice Spring like temperatures. We play outside and get a slight sunburn. Then a few days later it turns pretty cold. Then warm again. Then cold again. It feels as if we have been on a roller coaster, yet we are nowhere near a theme park!! The kids are still hoping for snow considering they never got to play outside in any measurable amounts of snow this year. Not even enough to build a microscopic snowman!! Unfortunately, I don't believe we will have any snow for a long time. Instead, today we are experiencing strong to severe thunderstorm warnings. Same thing for tomorrow. After these storms, the temperatures are going to be cool enough to yet again turn the furnace back on!!

The good thing in all this crazy weather, is the fun we had this week. We got to enjoy the zoo with very few people there. The temperatures were cool enough too see all of the animals. The kids had such a great time. Grammie purchased the yearly pass for us so we can continue going back as often as we want. Thank you Grammie for providing us with a wonderful educational gift :)

JellyBelly and LifeSaver also got to be Jr Dolphin trainers during the dolphin show. I was so proud to see them both "training" their dolphins with the other kids while being in front of so many people. To think people believe homeschooled children are not socialized. *smile* Us homeschool parents know otherwise ;)

JellyBelly says his favorite animal was the "long neck", or giraffe!! LifeSaver declared the zebras her favorite. We are going to spend some time one day soon learning lots more about their favorite animals and complete a unit study on them. They will really enjoy this.

It is the time of year again when I have to decide which curriculum to purchase for next Fall. My mom and I went to the homeschool convention a few weeks ago while the kiddos spent a few days with Papa and Nana. I was able to see so many curriculum choices and view them hands on. Makes it so much easier than viewing either through a catalog or online. I thought I had narrowed it down and had chosen a curriculum. I found a new one and thought I really wanted to use it. I admit cost played a factor in my decision as this curriculum was half the price of the current one we use.

However, after praying about it and discussing it with a few homeschool advisors and such, I decided... how can I really choose a curriculum mostly for the cost factor. A good education is priceless. I want the best education for JellyBelly and LifeSaver. I don't want to cut corners. So we are sticking with the curriculum we currently use which is Sonlight. We still will be paying less for 2 children versus sending them to a brick school, plus they get a much better education based on their own needs :) I sure cannot go wrong with that!!!

I will post zoo pictures shortly :)

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  1. I love going to the zoon in the spring before it gets hot, my daughter gets to see so many animals! Would love to see your pics. I just wanted to mention a curriculum we use that is cost effective and thorough, Time4Learning. We have really enjoyed it because my daughter is a very visual learner. Anyway, looking forward to you zoo pics! Happy Homeschooling!