Thursday, February 16, 2012

Not so crazy about this weather!!

The kids and I are REALLY and I mean REALLY wanting snow and soon. The kids should have at least more than one day to play in the snow!! A snowfall of more than just a few inches!! Especially because Grammie just bought them new snowsuits. I sure hope that didn't jinx the snow.

Today was a really great day for our schooling. We finished a Science book regarding different types of weather and we also started a new literature book. I admit, I do get a tad nervous when we start a new book for fear the kiddos won't care for it. Today I had absolutely no reason to think that way. They loved our new book. Both JellyBelly and LifeSaver were upset when I stopped reading... after 20 pages!! They even answered every single question correctly afterwards!!!

I am looking forward to our school day on Monday. We are having an entire day devoted to Science. Daddy will be home from his own school classes so he is going to join in on our fun. I have left a few experiments out of our lessons on purpose so Daddy would be able to learn with us. I cannot wait and neither can the kids!!!

The following is a picture taken of LifeSaver all dressed up for her father/daughter dance a few weeks ago. JellyBelly was ever so proud of his little sister. Now if only I could pause their growth for just a few years... sigh :)

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