Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It has been awhile

Time has been flying by for us. I have neglected my blog, something I never wanted to do, but I had to do. Life as we knew it last summer has taken a huge turn, but all for the better. JellyBelly has been diagnosed with ADHD as well as ODD. I'm sure it does indeed sound strange I would say our life has changed for the better after finding out such a diagnosis, but it literally has. School was rough. It was beyond difficult. It was heart breaking. It was exhausting. Our family knew we could not continue down the road our schooling was headed. We decided to have an evaluation for JellyBelly. What a relief to hear he was not intending to be a difficult child/student. He couldn't help it.

JellyBelly has been on mediation (no bashing allowed) now for a few months. I was dead-set against medications. It took several doctors to convince me to try medications since therapy alone was not working. I am finally glad I decided not to worry about the stigmatic ridiculing from outsiders. Instead, I focused on JellyBelly and what options were available to him. I am glad I woke up and learned about medications and not opinions. JellyBelly is now the child God intended him to be. He is excelling at school. He is so affectionate, helpful and loving to name just a few positive attributes. While he is far from perfect, he has made an amazing difference. I thank God every day for opening my eyes.

So for our family, this is what has been going on. We took time away from school for almost a month. This is truly a blessing in regards to homeschooling. So instead of our typical school day for that month, we unschooled. You see, children never do stop learning. They are amazing.  They do not have to be in a "normal" school setting to learn. They can learn by doing, hands on. During our month of unschooling, we explored our surroundings. We bonded as a family in ways I had always dreamed of.

Both JellyBelly and LifeSaver are very active in their Scout Troops. JellyBelly sold lots of popcorn on his own as well as through our Parish. He and daddy have been to several camp-outs and activities. They are now preparing for Pinewood Derby. JellyBelly earned his first medal in Scouts, his LiteOfChrist. What a beautiful day at mass. LifeSaver is busy selling Girl Scout cookies. She has worked several cookie booths. Her goal was to sell 100 boxes and she has more than tripled her goal. I am so proud of both my children.

I have been told my kids are blessed to have me as a mother. I do not agree with this. Instead, I feel I am blessed to have JellyBelly and LifeSaver as my children. They are seriously what makes life worth living :)

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  1. GOOD GOOD NEWS, but hard at the same time. Thinking of all 4 of you. Things can only go up from here :)