Thursday, March 17, 2011

Field trips and outdoor play

We took the kids to a new place for them called The Incredible Pizza Company. They had so much fun. Shoot us adults did as well. They really liked the idea of eating, then playing, then eating ice cream, then more playing and then having a frozen drink. They thought that was the neatest thing ever!! I'm glad we are still fortunate enough that with them being young, they still love all the little things in life :-) We had so much fun we spent 3 hours there!!!

The first game the kids played was duckpin bowling. They have been wanting to go bowling for a long time. Ever since they played bowling on the Wii, they love the idea!! This type of bowling was prefect for them!!!

Today is a gorgeous day outside. The kids have already spent 2 hours outside and it is not even 2pm!! They talked daddy into setting up the Wall-E bubble blower and were chasing bubbles around on the deck. They enjoyed having Bailey (our black Lab) out there as well. Any time Bailey knows the kids are outside, she barks until someone lets her outside to run around with them. She truly is their best friend. They are 3 peas in a pod!!!!

And here is a picture of our beautiful girl Bailey:

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  1. How did I just find your blog!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!