Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Our break away from school

The kids were getting really restless. I decided to give them a break away from school. We only have 5 days left in which to finish. At least 5 days of book material. In the meantime, the kids have been unschooling and have loved every minute of it.

When we start school in the Fall, we are going to use another curriculum which has a much more hands on approach. We are going to be using My Father's World and both kiddos will be doing the Kindergarten level. I had planned to use Sonlight for their Kindergarten year, but the program is a bit too advanced for Monkey's attention span at this point. Diva is far from ready to begin that particular program so... MFW it will be!!!

During our break, the kids have enjoyed a trip in April to North Carolina to enjoy the beach and attend our cousin's wedding. We have enjoyed trips to Bounce Spot and Incredible Pizza. It is much nicer to visit both places while other kids are in traditional school. The crowds are much, much, much more tolerable!! ;)

Once our school starts in the Fall, we are taking a 2 week vacation. Poor daddy doesn't get to go with us as he will be in nursing school. It will be a great trip, but we will miss daddy. We are traveling to Disney for a week and then the beach for 4 days and taking our time getting home. We have a few Outlet Mall trips in mind! lol

Right now, our days are consumed with a variety of outdoor water activities. Spring decided to skip us in Indiana again this year and instead we have been hit with Heat and LOTS of it. My free time the last few weeks has been taken over with Monkey's upcoming birthday party!! I cannot believe I will be a mommy to a 6 year old. Time really does need to slooooooooooow down. After his birthday, I plan to try to catch up on my scrapbooks and work on getting things ready for our 2nd year adventures in Homeschooling.

In a few weeks, my kiddos are attending their first ever Vacation Bible School. I'm not sure who is more excited! I have promised Monkey I would stay at the church/school so if he needs me, I will be there. I have my doubts he will think twice about me once he walks in with Diva. They will love every minute of it!! Part of me wishes I could join them in the fun, but I will refrain at least for now and not be "one.of.those.moms"

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