Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 4 and 5 of VBS

Day 4 of VBS has come and gone. The kids had yet another day of fun and happiness. They both enjoyed it so much. At the end of Day 4, the kids got to bring home all of the crafts they made during the week. They had a bag full!!! The bag was actually a backpack made from a paper sack. The kids got to choose which ribbons they wanted to make the straps on the backpacks. This craft was amazing!!! Inside of the backpacks, the kids had made all types of pictures of Jesus, a first aid kit (complete with Holy water), a birdhouse with seed and many many many other items. On our way home from day 4, the kids sang their songs along with the CD they received the day before.

Day 5 of VBS was the final program. The kids went to their classroom for the first few minutes and then went as a class to the gymnasium. For the next 2 hours, the kids practiced their singing and played with these enormous beach balls. At 11am, the parents and anyone else got to come to enjoy the program. Even though both kiddos were not feeling well, they performed wonderfully. I was so full hearted watching them. Jelly Belly was center, in the front row. He sang his little heart out. His dancing was energizing. I was sooo proud of my little man. Poor Life Saver was seated next to this little boy who would NOT get out of the front of her for anything. My sister in law tried to take some pictures of her. This little boy saw this and he would move right in front of her ON PURPOSE!!! Life Saver is such a sweet little spirit. She just moved back out of his way and sang and danced her little heart out!!

It is sad that VBS is over. Today the kids sang along some more with their CD and asked when they could go back to VBS. They don't quite get the concept it will be a year from now. It did my heart a world of good to see how much my kids enjoyed learning about God this week. How much enjoyment it brought to them. I cannot wait until August when our SMRE (Sunday Morning Religious Education) classes start for them!!! They will love it just as much :)

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