Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 2 and 3 of VBS

The kids had yet another fun filled morning at VBS. Hayden informed me he wants to go every day except on Halloween, Easter and Christmas!! Gosh I love that boy!!! I wish the VBS was all summer long as the kids have enjoyed it sooo much. However I am sure the ladies who run it think otherwise!!

Since I cannot drive alone, I stay at the school while the kids participate in the activities. I sit in the lobby area and I get to watch the kids during game stations. They LOVE it. I see them dance and sing and play and run. I see their expressions and I melt.

Every car ride home is enjoyable listening to them sing the songs they just sang in music. They explain their artwork to me. They tell me all about the snacks they got to make. Oh and of course I get to hear all kinds of things other kids are saying, some things I wish I didn't hear!! Kids will be kids :)

For the 3 hours they enjoy VBS, I have spent sooo much time researching curriculum choices to use in the Fall. There is a lot of work trying to determine which curriculum will hold the interests of both Jelly Belly and Life Saver. I do believe I have decided to use Heart of Dakota with a Catholic Bible. Of course I do have a few months still to pour over even more curriculum websites and reviews. I could spend hours doing so actually ;)

Today as a treat for getting halfway through VBS, the kids got to enjoy a local Bounce house type of facility. I treated them to pizza and breadsticks and hours of play...3.5 hours to be exact!! They were so surprised when we got there. Both kids were smiles from ear to ear and I almost got knocked over by their big hugs. Life sure is good!!!

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