Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 1 of VBS

Today was our first day ever for VBS. We attended at Our Lady of Greenwood. The kids have never made me more proud as their mother. I was a bit nervous about Jelly Belly. He does NOT like being around strange people. This is partly due to his ADHD. He was so excited when he woke up and hurried to get us out the door. Once we arrived, he became nervous. However, after dropping him off in his classroom he got less nervous. The children were lead into the gym and met as a larger group with all the classes for opening to VBS. I could see Jelly Belly and he could see me. Next the kids rotated to snack time (Kindergarteners). Jelly Belly could no longer see me, but when the next rotation came (gym exercise time), he was so full of happiness it about broke my heart. My little boy turned into a big boy in a matter of 20 minutes!! He was having the best time. The next few rotations, Jelly Belly could not see me at all and he was ok with that!!! Matter of fact, he asked to go right back after we enjoyed lunch with Life Saver and Grammie.

Life Saver is a completely laid back girl. She was excited to go to VBS and not nervous at all. Once we arrived in their classroom, she stood by Jelly Belly's side acting like his protector, taking care of him. She talked to him and I believe this calmed him down a bit. Any time she would see me, she would wave and go back to ignoring me!! lol. For the most part, there isn't a shy bone in her body. She had a great time today as well, as I knew she would. Just like Jelly Belly, she cannot wait to attend tomorrow!!

I was so very impressed with the ladies running our VBS. I have never seen such organization!!! Before each rotation, a lady would announce it was time to line up and rotate. Of course it helps our VBS is held in a school where there is an intercom system!!! From what I heard, this was a super turn out this year. There were a total of I believe 6 groups and a toddler/baby group. The oldest group looked like it had 50 or more children. This is awesome!!!!

While I believe Jelly Belly and Life Saver would be fine if I just dropped them off and left, I am going to hang around each day and spend the time preparing for our upcoming school year. At least I will be focused on preparation instead of finding things to do around the house!! I have done so much research the last few weeks trying to determine which curriculum to choose. It is not easy!!! Especially because there is a such a limited choice when it comes to choosing a Catholic curriculum.

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  1. Good luck to you in choosing a curriculum -- it's quite a task. Two friends and I have a blog, THree Thinking Mothers, that you might like to read as you're doing some decision making:

    Many Blessings!